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MP Election 2023 MP Politics Has Intensified Now Ka Ba VS Modi Ka Ashish Ba Start Ann



MP Politics: Elections are near in MP, due to which people are heating the atmosphere in their own way. It started with Bhojpuri singer Neha Rathore, who became famous with Ka Ba in MP Ka Ba in UP. In this, Neha was seen attacking the Shivraj government. After which Bundeli singer Anamika Jain Ambar, who came to the rescue of her maternal uncle, took the lead. At the same time, the minister and the opposition have taken over the front from the folk singers.

Before the assembly elections of Madhya Pradesh, famous Bhojpuri singer Neha Rathore took a dig at the Madhya Pradesh government in her familiar style, calling Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj the maternal uncle of Kalyug on the lines of ‘Ka Ba’, famous from UP and Bihar. In a video of 1 minute 32 seconds, Neha Rathore compared Shivraj’s maternal uncle to Kansa and Shakuni, whether it was the Mahakal Murti scandal or the Vyapam case or the unemployment issue, stating that there is a lot of scams in MP.

‘Mama does magic in MP’
As soon as this video of Neha Rathore surfaced, the Congressmen grabbed it and made it viral on social media. It was during the Uttar Pradesh elections that Neha came face to face with Rathore in her style as Bundelkhandi singer and poetess Anamika Jain Ambar sang a Bundelkhandi version of Ka Ba in MP3 in the style of Neha’s song against her maternal uncle in Madhya Pradesh. I do uncle magic.

BJP handled the front
If there is an attack on Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for the 16 years of the Madhya Pradesh government, it is obvious that the allies of his government will also jump into the fray with the weapon of words. Now Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s special Medical Education Minister Vishwas Kailash Sarang took charge of this attack, he read the official version of Ka Ba in his own style.

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan also did not lag behind after listening to the different versions of Ka Ba going against him in the electoral politics of Madhya Pradesh. During a gathering in Barwani on Sunday, 16th July, he asked the sisters themselves that videos are being made by saying ‘My Kaaba Kaaba’. Do you think I am a Kansa?

Team Kamal Nath also became active
Seeing Shivraj handling the front from the minister of the government. Team Kamal Nath also became active from the opposition side to handle the front. Party’s Congress media head KK Mishra said that Mama Modi is following the Karnataka strategy that he abused me. Now Karnataka will be repeated in Madhya Pradesh also, because their songs are now being abused.

Only a few months are left for the election battle in Madhya Pradesh, that is why efforts are now being made to woo the public and explain the issues through different colors of politics and with the help of social media.

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