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CV Wallet unveils game-changing Blue Tick verification for job seekers



Candidates can now instantly build trust with potential employers

Our Blue Tick verification allows applicants to immediately demonstrate their authenticity and qualifications to employers, improving their chances of finding work. It speeds up the whole process.”

— Richard Collins, co-founder of CV Wallet

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — CV Wallet, the pioneering career management app, is now offering Blue Tick verification for CVs. The new feature puts trust back into the recruitment process, empowering job seekers and providing them with a better chance of getting hired. Known as Resume Wallet in the US, the app is the first to offer this feature in the recruitment industry.

With this launch, CV Wallet uniquely tackles the rise of CV fraud and deception fuelled by the rise of generative AI in recruitment. The Blue Tick feature allows candidates to showcase which information in their CV is verified as well as the level of authentication.

In addition, CV Wallet gives job seekers complete control over their personal data. Their verified credentials are securely stored in a decentralised wallet on their phones and easily shared with potential employers. The whole system is underpinned by secure blockchain technology, offering a reliable foundation for storing and sharing verified information.

Richard Collins, co-founder of CV Wallet, said: “Our free Blue Tick verification allows applicants to immediately demonstrate their authenticity and qualifications to employers, improving their chances of finding work. It just speeds up the whole process. More importantly, it’s a crucial step towards rebuilding trust in the broken recruitment process and tackling a problem that’s been hanging over the industry like a dark cloud.”

When sharing their SmartCV, applicants receive a unique token for verification that is shown at the bottom of the document. Employers can then enter the token details on the verification page to access a comprehensive overview of the verified elements, including identity, right to work, email, skills, qualifications and experience. This summary reveals the different levels of proof, indicating whether a section of the CV has been self-verified, verified with evidence, or verified by a third party.

For employers, Blue Tick verification provides peace of mind from the very start of the hiring process. With the assurance that the candidate is a real person and the information on their CV has been verified, employers can make informed decisions about potential hires, making the hiring process smoother. This improved experience benefits job seekers and employers alike. Having verified information gives candidates a competitive edge, while employers can focus on finding the best skills for their organisation without unnecessary delays or doubts.

Beverly Collins, co-founder of CV Wallet, said, “At CV Wallet, our mission is to create a platform with trust at its heart. We understand the far-reaching impact of recruitment, and its implications for both individuals and organisations. That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring that every interaction on our platform is based on authenticity and credibility. By leveraging advanced verification features and cutting-edge Web3 technologies, CV Wallet is setting a new standard in the recruitment industry.”

For a demo of the Blue Tick verification feature see here.

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Introducing Blue Tick Verification for CVs

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