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Kanan Devi used to charge 5 lakhs for films with a budget of 15000 Kanan Devi lavish lifestyle with high security



Features oi-Filmibeat Desk | Published: Thursday, July 20, 2023, 16:28 [IST]

There are many people who earn name, money and fame in the Bollywood industry. But today we are going to introduce you to Bollywood’s first singer and actress. Perhaps the people of that time would have known his name, but the present generation would hardly be able to recognize him. But if you are not able to recognize her, then let us tell you that this beautiful girl has been the first singer and actress of Hindi cinema and her name is Kanan Devi. For whom almost 31 years have been completed after saying goodbye to the world. Used to take 1 lakh for a song Kanan Devi is considered to be one of those celebrities who took a fee of 5 lakh rupees for working in a film in the decade of pilgrimage. Even for singing a song, he took a charge of 1 lakh. But now you must be thinking that 5 lakh for a film and 1 lakh for a song is not a high fee. But here the talk was more when the budget of a film was around 15 to ₹ 20000. But we can gauge the popularity of the actress from the fact that she was kept in very high security. Tributes to #KananDevi, the legendary singer-cum-actress and the first melody queen of Indian cinema, on her 31st death anniversary (17/07/92).An epitome of beauty, glamor and grace, Kanan Devi was a remarkable personality.What are your favorite songs of her?#bollywood pic.twitter.com/jWCtd7OTDy — Bollywooddirect (@Bollywooddirect) July 17, 2023 No specific information Kanan Devi was born on 22 April 1916 in Howrah, West Bengal and she was born in a poor family. Not only this, not much information was received about the real parents of Kanan Devi. But according to her biography, Kanan Devi was brought up by a couple named Ratan Chandra Das and Rajobala. For this reason, the actress considered him as her parent throughout her life. Ratan Chandra raised Kanan Devi like his own daughter and also taught music. Although he died after a few years. Actress Kanan Devi’s voice was very beautiful and her body was equally beautiful. Seeing the beauty of the law, the studio signed Jaidev for the film on a salary of ₹ 5 a month. He had a small role in this film. Tell that the contract was for ₹ 25 but the theater people were giving him only ₹ 5. But between 1928 and 1931, Kanan Chandra showed his talent in films and also recorded some songs. Actress did 57 films in her career Kanan Devi acted in 57 films in her career and also sang 40 songs. She was the first woman in the film world who was also called Madam in the era of male dominated industry. In Hindi cinema, Kanan Devi worked with veteran actors such as KL Saigal, Chhavi Biswas, Ashok Kumar and Pankaj Malik. But later during December 1940, Kanan Devi was married to Ashok Maitra. Stay updated with every news of film industry and get movie reviews Allow Notifications You have already subscribed English summary Kanan Devi used to charge 5 lakhs for films with a budget of 15000 Kanan Devi lavish lifestyle with high security. Story first published: Thursday, July 20, 2023, 16:28 [IST]

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