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Monsoon Session Muslim Population In India In 2023 Government Told In Lok Sabha



Muslim population in 2023: Many organizations in the country keep alleging that the population of Muslims is increasing. Claims are made that the Muslim population is increasing rapidly. Now the central government has told that what will be the population of Muslims in the country in the year 2023. In response to a question asked in the Lok Sabha, the government has given the answer.

In a written reply to Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Mala Rai’s questions, Minority Affairs Minister Smriti Irani said, according to the 2011 census, the population of Muslims was 14.2 per cent of the total population of the country and in 2023 also their share in the population will be in the same proportion. Estimated to live in That is, in the last 9 years, the pace of growth of the population of Muslims and the population of the country is the same.

Muslim population will be 19.7 crore

In a written reply, the Union Minister said, in 2011, the Muslim population was 17.2 crore. The technical group formed on population has estimated the population of the country to be 138.8 crores in 2023. Since, according to the population of 2011, the Muslim population in 2023 is estimated to be 14.2 percent, in such a situation, the number of Muslims in 2023 will be 19.7 crores.

literacy among muslims

In response to another question by Mala Rai, Smriti Irani said, according to the Periodic Labor Force Survey 2021-22 of the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, the literacy rate among Muslims aged seven years and above was 77.7 percent, while their share in the labor force was 35.1 percent.

The Union Minister also told in the Lok Sabha that according to a government survey of 2020-21, 94.9 percent of Muslims in the country had better sources of drinking water and 97.2 had better toilet facilities. There were 50.2 percent Muslim families who bought or constructed new houses or flats after March 31, 2014.

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