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Nora Fatehi became victim of Oops Moment, something happened in bold dress that shocked her!



News oi-Salman Khan | Published: Friday, July 21, 2023, 10:35 [IST]

Bollywood diva Nora Fatehi knows how to rock any kind of dress and she is always seen in stunning body-hugging dresses. Flaunting her curves, Nora Fatehi recently rocked Manish Malhotra’s show and has become a heartbeat. In fact, during this time Nora was wearing a black colored sari-like dress but the blouse was completely missing from the top side. Although Nora Fatehi was looking very beautiful. But during this, something happened that Nora Fatehi became a victim of Oops moment and her video is now going viral. Urfi Javed Manipur- Urfi Javed came out for Manipur with a board in hand, video viral Tell that Nora Fatehi was walking on the ground wearing a slippery dress, when her cloth got stuck somewhere or her own leg fell, she was shocked. During this, she immediately took care of herself and went ahead. After this his video is in discussion on social media and people are liking it a lot. Thus, she had an ‘oops moment’ while posing for the paparazzi on the red carpet. With this, Paparaji wrote, “Nora Fatehi is showing amazing like no one else in black outfit!” One wrote, “What did she keep in this purse.” One wrote, can anyone tell what will happen in such a small purse? One wrote, “Make people a separate planet, we can’t jail their tantrums or not.” Apart from this, one said, “Are these boys really so innocent?” Many such comments are coming out but Nora has not given any kind of reaction. Nora Fatehi often raises the heat on social media with her looks. Nora Fatehi jumped like this in a green bra, everything inside was visible, then changed clothes in front of the camera, Nora Fatehi stopped such a heavy figure on a thin string, the dress was completely open even from the bottom, people said – our breath was blown away VIDEO: Nora’s dress was opened while performing live in the park, everything was visible, seeing Nora Fatehi in a backless dress late at night, Abhishek Bachchan started doing … Wife Aishwarya saw the video, did Nora Fatehi in a fully open dress from behind Like this, people forgot Malaika Arora’s duck trick, Nora Fatehi’s big disclosure, producers keep on making panic calls to make the film hit! IIFA 2023- ‘Not even left the blanket’, Nora Fatehi trolled on the dress, people mocked like this IIFA 2023: Nora Fatehi will spread Helen’s songs, ready to set the stage on fire with vintage look Saw also caught hold of the forehead! Once upon a time, Nora Fatehi used to be so innocent, she went to audition without undergoing surgery, so it was difficult to recognize her. Stay updated and get movie reviews from every news of the film industry. Take a look. Story first published: Friday, July 21, 2023, 10:35 [IST]

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